Japanese Prints

Japanese Prints

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Nine Japanese prints, color woodcuts made during the golden age of 'ukiyo-e' (浮世絵) printmaking, from the late 18th century through the end of the 19th century. Landscapes, travel subjects, animals, plants, historical events, beautiful women, sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, folk stories and erotica were featured subjects. 

Ukiyo-e translates as 'picture[s] of the floating world'. The term referred to the relatively luxurious lifestyle led by the new merchant class of Edo (modern day Tokyo) collectors of these prints, elements of whose lifestyle were also depicted in the prints.  Each print was part of a multiple series created by carving a woodblock, then applying inks and making multiple impressions.

Includes a matching gift box and a storycard detailing the significance of each image. Produced in collaboration with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  

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